Residential Courses

Foundation Courses Required for all Residential Courses

Family & MWR Orientation Course (Online), Team Member Orientation (TMO) for new team members ONLY, Family and MWR Basic Management Course (Online), Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training.

Prerequisites for Residential Courses

Depending on the course, there are also online, virtual, and/or residential classroom prerequisites for residential courses. Click on each course for Residential Course Prerequisites.

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Course Description: This two (2) week classroom course is designed to strengthen the CYS Training Specialists’ ability to create an effective training program for staff and support and sustain quality curriculum and programming for children and youth. Students will examine their roles and responsibilities and develop a practical framework for integrating CYS program standards and tools, staff training and developmentally appropriate practice. Course content includes theories of situational leadership, adult learning, coaching, and emotional intelligence. Students will practice guiding curriculum design; modeling positive interactions between staff and parents; applying evaluation tools to address issues that affect quality, availability, and affordability; and mentoring staff to achieve program and individual goals.

Course Details:

#Section #DateTime
1 (23-01) rTS01_230130_08 - Fort Sam Houston30-Jan-2023 - 10-Feb-202308:00 - 17:00
2 (23-02) rTS02_230417_08 - ID-E Sembach, Germany17-Apr-2023 - 28-Apr-202308:00 - 17:00

Enrollment instructions are sent to IMCOM Directorates for DFMWRs to nominate students to attend.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 10-day residential course will take program managers who possess the drive and desire to become CYS Coordinators within the next five years to the next level. The intent of this course is to build the CYS bench by selecting participants who are prepared to explore the current challenges of CYS leaders and effectively strategize solutions to meet the needs of Soldiers and Families.

CURRICULUM: Course topics include Strategic Communication, CYS Financial Management, Personnel Management, and Recapitalization within the CYS Division. Using a functional, interactive approach, students will experience the everyday life of a CYS Coordinator across various program scenarios.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Current Family and MWR Child and Youth Services Program Managers who want to grow their skillsets to prepare for higher level positions in Child and Youth Services.

COURSE GOAL: This course is designed to provide Child and Youth Services program managers the skills necessary to successfully meet the competencies of a CYS Coordinator.

COMPETENCIES/TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Generate key solutions that drive enterprise-level business results by:

  1. Establishing communication strategies to convey program value to intended audiences.
  2. Developing leadership strategies that drive business results.
  3. Developing a strategic talent management approach to support Army Readiness.
  4. Creating strategies that support long and short-term planning, financial performance, and decision making.


Family and MWR Orientation Course (Online), Family and MWR Basic Management Course(Online), Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training, Applied Financial Planning Suite (Online) (Income Statement AnalysisBreakeven AnalysisRetail Sales Accountability;Forecasting)Entering Budgeting Data into Financial Management Budget System (FMBS) (Online), and Family and MWR Budgeting Process (Online)  are required to be completed in prior to the first day of class.

CEUs: 9.4 (09/2022)

ACE Recommended Credits:  TBD

Resources for Students

#Section #DateTime
1 (23-01) rCPM01_230313_08 - Fort Sam Houston13-Mar-2023 - 24-Mar-202308:00 - 17:00

Course Description:

This one (1) week, 40 hour course is designed to provide seasoned CYS Training Specialists the competencies necessary to identify, address and support leadership priorities and needs, and to successfully work as an advisor to the Director as designated by law. The curriculum consists of recommended eLearning prerequisites, and a five day residential Classroom Course.

The entire curriculum focuses on higher-level challenges and opportunities for trainers to implement their functional knowledge and experience.

Major topics include: Root cause analysis, financial awareness, and Influencing. Students will gain functional knowledge to ensure the learned skills will be applied to real-life challenges that impact the programs within Child and Youth Services. Students will be challenged to think critically and apply lessons learned.

Targeted Learner and required pre-requisites:

  • Learners must currently be working as Child and Youth Services Training Specialists at the Garrison.
  • Learners should have a working knowledge of the Child and Youth Services programs and have completed the Coaching and Management for CYS Training Specialists course.

College Credits:  5.3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

ACE Recommended Credits:  3 semester hours in Training and Development (08/2020), upper-division baccalaureate degree category.

#Section #DateTime
1 (23-02) rCTAC02_230605_08 - Fort Sam Houston05-Jun-2023 - 09-Jun-202308:00 - 17:00

Description:  Innovation combined with strong execution based on data driven efforts can improve the performance of the Directorate of Family and MWR and ultimately the garrison. The Executive Development for Directors of Family and MWR course offers a unique opportunity for Directors of Family and MWR to take the lead to shape the present and future in implementing the IMCOM 2025 and Beyond Campaign Plan and to be the touch-point for Soldiers and Families. In this course, the students will take a holistic approach to installation management as they use the Standard Garrison Organization to create strategies for integration of effort among the garrison directorates. Students will explore the macro environment (national political, social, and economic trends) and determine the impact on individual installations and Family and MWR operations. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the leaders from the Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM), and IMCOM G9 Family and MWR leaders for discussion of current issues and trends and future challenges that face Family and MWR programs. This course is required for all Directors of Family and MWR IAW (IMCOM Regulation 350-1, 6-4h). It is the capstone course for Family and MWR professionals.

Course Details: 

  • Hours of Pre-work/Homework:  14 hours of Pre-work / 10 hours of Homework
  • Duration: 80 hours (2 weeks)
  • IACET CEUs: 8.7 (10/10)
  • ACE Recommended Credits:  In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in Business Administration or Management (9/04)   (1/08) (1/11).

**NOTE**Credit cannot be received for both this course and the Marine Corps Senior Leader Course.

#Section #DateTime
Currently no scheduled classes

Course Description: Using a functional, interactive approach, students will develop strategies to improve Family and MWR processes, products, programs, and services to include topics covering Financial Management, Communication, Personnel Management and Strategic Planning across multiple divisions. The course is intended for Division Chiefs who possess the drive and desire to become a Director, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation within the next five years.

Course Goal/Outcome: This course is designed to provide Division Chiefs with the competencies to successfully work as a DFMWR, ready to meet the challenges related to managing multiple divisions in support of Soldier and Family readiness.

Target Audience: Family and MWR Division Chiefs

Length of Course: 10 days

Course Prerequisites:  Family and MWR Orientation Course (Online), Family and MWR Basic Management Course(Online) and Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training, Applied Financial Planning Suite  (Income Statement AnalysisBreakeven AnalysisForecasting);  Family and MWR Budgeting Process (Online); Entering Budget Data into Financial Management Budget System (FMBS) (Online).

CEUs:  7.7 (02/2022)

ACE College Credit Recommendation: 3 semester hours in Management of Organizations (08/2022); upper-division baccalaureate degree category.

#Section #DateTime
1 (23-01) rExDC01_230717_08 - Fort Sam Houston17-Jul-2023 - 28-Jul-202308:00 - 17:00

Course Description: This classroom course is delivered onsite at installations. The course is designed to integrate new employees into the Family and MWR culture. The orientation explores Family and MWR’s purpose, impact and commitment to service excellence, the role of new team members in the organization’s mission, and how we impact the lives of Soldiers and Families. Course dates and times will vary by installation. Check with your local Directorate of Family and MWR (DFMWR) office or contact your local Service Culture Educator (SCE) for more information on course dates and times.

Course Details:

  • Target Audience:  All new Family and MWR employees
  • Duration: 4 -8 hours

Course Description: The student will utilize generational information to meet the needs of potential and current team members by appealing to employee’s strengths and needs based on generational information through the selection of workplace practices to keep targeted employee productive. This lesson supports readiness through enhancing Army Civilian’s commitment to provide good stewardship of its resources and personnel. Generations in the Workplace aligns with the Army Leadership Requirements Model; specifically the competencies leads and develops.

Course Details:

·         Target Audience: Current FMWR  Program Managers –or– someone who performs the duties of a program manager on a regular basis.

·         Prerequisites: Family & MWR Orientation Course (Online) and Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training.

·         Duration: 3 hours

·         Estimated number of Homework hours: 1 Hour

·         IACET CEUs: 0.4

Course Description:  Operation Excellence is Family and MWR’s standardized customer service training. Family and MWR is committed to providing service excellence to our Soldiers and Families that matches the quality of their service and sacrifice. That’s what Operation Excellence is all about – creating value for our customers through predictable, consistent and customer-focused service. Taught onsite at garrisons and IMCOM headquarters, the classroom version provides the benefit of cross-functional team-building and networking opportunities. Learners actively engage in course discussions, problem solving, and group practical exercises, self-assessing their mastery of the topics presented in this course. Learners develop an Action Plan which will be implemented back in the workplace. This four-hour classroom course satisfies the year one training requirement and should be completed within a new hire’s first 30-90 days of employment.  Contact your local Service Culture Training Instructor for course schedule.

Target Audience: All Family and MWR Team Members
Pre-requisites: Family and MWR Orientation (Online)
Pre-Work: Create a profile in the IMCOM Academy website
Duration: Four (4) hours

In order to receive ACE Credit Recommendation and/or IACET CEUs, student must complete all course exercises, end of course survey, and obtain a 75% on post course assessment. To complete survey, go to transcript, click on course title, then see survey located on right.


Pursuant to AR 27-60, Intellectual Property, dated 17 Jun 2015 and SFMWR SOP_ANSI/IACET CEUs (dated 20 Apr 2021) states that no faculty or instructor has proprietary interest in any products, instruments, devices, or materials related to this course.


Course Description: The Programming and Special Events Course is designed for Family and MWR Managers and staff who design, develop, and deliver Family and MWR programs and events. The course includes instruction on conducting needs assessments, program design, and creative/out-of-the-box/Wow! Programming, building a program team, budgeting for programs and events, promotion, partnering for success, and measuring program success. Also included is the Tom Peter’s WOW Projects! methodology. This course includes evening and weekend homework assignments.

Course Details:

New Enrollment Instructions: If you are interested in this course, please work through your Chain of Command to notify your IMCOM Directorate Functional Integrator.

#Section #DateTime
1 (23-01) rPSE01_230918_08 - Shades of Green - Orlando FL18-Sep-2023 - 29-Sep-202308:00 - 17:00

Course Description: Workshops taught onsite at garrisons to support Family and MWR supervisors and managers in building and sustaining a culture of engaged and caring leaders. New workshops are delivered each Fiscal Year based on an assessment of Family and MWR manager’s needs. The workshops satisfy the annual customer service refresher training requirement. The Workshops will offer options for DFMWR’s to choose from, check with your garrison’s assigned Service Culture Educator (SCE) for additional information.

Course Details:

  • Target Audience: All garrison Family and MWR supervisors and managers; this course satisfies their annual customer service training requirement (IAW IMCOM Reg 350-1 and IMCOM Annual Operating Guidance).
  • Prerequisites: Family and MWR Orientation Course (Online), Operation Excellence—Customer Service Training Course (online or residential) and Family and MWR Basic Management Course (online).
  • Duration:  1-16 hours
  • IACET CEUs: to be determined (typically .4 to .5 units each year)
  • Duration:  check with your garrison’s assigned Service Culture Educator (SCE) for course dates and more information.

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