Executive Management for Family and MWR Division Chiefs and DFMWRs

Course Type: Residential
Course Code: rEXEC

Course Description: Using a functional, interactive approach, students will develop strategies to improve Family and MWR processes, products, programs, and services to include topics covering Financial Management, Communication, Personnel Management and Strategic Planning across multiple divisions. The course is intended for new Directors of Family and MWR (DFMWR) and Division Chiefs who possess the drive and desire to become a DFMWR within the next five years.

Course Goal/Outcome: This course is designed to provide Division Chiefs and new DFMWRs the competencies to successfully work as a DFMWR, ready to meet the challenges related to managing multiple divisions in support of Soldier and Family readiness.

Target Audience: Family and MWR Division Chiefs or new DFMWRs.

Length of Course: 10 days

Course Prerequisites: Each student must complete Welcome to Family and MWR Orientation Course (Online), Family and MWR Basic Management Course(Online) and Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training, Applied Financial Planning Suite x4 (Income Statement AnalysisBreakeven AnalysisForecasting, Retails Sales Accountability);  Family and MWR Budgeting Process (Online); Entering Budget Data into Financial Management Budget System (FMBS) (Online).

CEUs:  9.1 (07/2023)

ACE College Credit Recommendation: 3 semester hours in Management of Organizations (08/2022); upper-division baccalaureate degree category.

***Enrollment Instructions: Please work through your Chain of Command to notify your IMCOM Directorate (ID) FMWR Functional Integrator of your interest in attending this course. ***

  Executive Management for Family and MWR Division Chiefs and DFMWRs
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