Executive Leadership and Management For Family & MWR Division Chiefs

Course Type: Residential
Course Code: rExDC

Course Description: The Executive Leadership and Management for Family and MWR Division Chief Course is a 9-day cross-functional resident course. It explores the breadth and depth of the Family and MWR environment, focusing on how Family and MWR Divisions interact to deliver customer-focused benefits to Soldiers and families. Students also learn effective strategies for leading and managing organizations responsive to change. The curriculum focuses on balancing the tension between long-term program goals and short-term political pressures. Topics include integrating the strategic plan, business plan, and business cases to support the IMCOM Annual Command Guidance, resource management, and program evaluation. The course uses a wide variety of instructional methods.  Students have the opportunity to interact with the IMCOM G9 and G9 Family and MWR program proponents for discussion of current issues and trends and future challenges that face Family and MWR programs.


Course Details:

  Executive Leadership and Management For Family & MWR Division Chiefs
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