Coaching and Management for CYS Training Specialists

Course Type: Residential
Course Code: rTS

Course Description: This two (2) week classroom course is designed to strengthen the CYS Training Specialists’ ability to create an effective training program for staff and support and sustain quality curriculum and programming for children and youth. Students will examine their roles and responsibilities and develop a practical framework for integrating CYS program standards and tools, staff training and developmentally appropriate practice. Course content includes theories of situational leadership, adult learning, coaching, and emotional intelligence. Students will practice guiding curriculum design; modeling positive interactions between staff and parents; applying evaluation tools to address issues that affect quality, availability, and affordability; and mentoring staff to achieve program and individual goals.

Course Details:

  Coaching and Management for CYS Training Specialists
#Section #DateTime
1 (24-01) rTS01_240318_08 - Joint Base San Antonio, Texas18-Mar-2024 - 29-Mar-202408:00 - 17:00
2 (24-02) rTS02_240812_08 - Joint Base San Antonio, Texas12-Aug-2024 - 23-Aug-202408:00 - 17:00

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