NAF Internal Controls

Course Type: Virtual
Course Code: vIC

Course Description: The NAF Internal Controls course is a Virtual Course designed to provide program managers with the knowledge and skills to effectively apply methods of control in everyday program management.  During this course we will review the effective methods of control in everyday management of programs and review the internal control process in accordance with established laws and regulations.  Students will examine various standards and policies to deter fraud, waste and abuse, and assess risks to protect assets.  As a result of taking this course, students will be able to select and apply the appropriate techniques, tools, devices, checks, and balances to ensure “what should happen or should not happen/ does or does not happen” during day-to-day operations.

Course Details:

  NAF Internal Controls
#Section #DateTime
1 (24-1) Tue, Thu vIC1_240709_08 - Virtual09-Jul-2024 - 18-Jul-202408:00 - 10:00 (CT)

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File Name (/)Type
Appendix 1, 17 Principles, GAO-14-704G (October 11, 2018) pdf (54 Kb)
AR 11-2 (October 11, 2018) pdf (195 Kb)
CG Signed FY19 Annual Command Guidance Memo - 20 Aug 18 (October 11, 2018) pdf (895 Kb)
Corrective Action Plan Template (October 11, 2018) msword (35 Kb)
DA FORM 11-2 (October 11, 2018) pdf (54 Kb)
DD Form 2977 (October 11, 2018) pdf (312 Kb)
GAO Green Book (October 11, 2018) pdf (2 Mb)
IC_Participant Guide (October 18, 2018) pdf (855 Kb)
MICP Interview Worksheet (October 11, 2018) document (13 Kb)
Risk Assessment Word Document (October 11, 2018) document (20 Kb)
vIC_Syllabus_FY19 (October 11, 2018) pdf (447 Kb)
VirtualClassroomStudentPoliciesandProcedures (October 11, 2018) pdf (281 Kb)