CYS Program Managers Course

Course Type: Residential
Course Code: rCPM

Enrollment instructions are sent to IMCOM Directorates for DFMWRs to nominate students to attend.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 10-day residential course will take program managers who possess the drive and desire to become CYS Coordinators within the next five years to the next level. The intent of this course is to build the CYS bench by selecting participants who are prepared to explore the current challenges of CYS leaders and effectively strategize solutions to meet the needs of Soldiers and Families.

CURRICULUM: Course topics include Strategic Communication, CYS Financial Management, Personnel Management, and Recapitalization within the CYS Division. Using a functional, interactive approach, students will experience the everyday life of a CYS Coordinator across various program scenarios.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Current Family and MWR Child and Youth Services Program Managers who want to grow their skillsets to prepare for higher level positions in Child and Youth Services.

COURSE GOAL: This course is designed to provide Child and Youth Services program managers the skills necessary to successfully meet the competencies of a CYS Coordinator.

COMPETENCIES/TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Generate key solutions that drive enterprise-level business results by:

  1. Establishing communication strategies to convey program value to intended audiences.
  2. Developing leadership strategies that drive business results.
  3. Developing a strategic talent management approach to support Army Readiness.
  4. Creating strategies that support long and short-term planning, financial performance, and decision making.


Family and MWR Orientation Course (Online), Family and MWR Basic Management Course(Online), Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training, Applied Financial Planning Suite (Online) (Income Statement AnalysisBreakeven AnalysisRetail Sales Accountability;Forecasting)Entering Budgeting Data into Financial Management Budget System (FMBS) (Online), and Family and MWR Budgeting Process (Online)  are required to be completed in prior to the first day of class.

CEUs: 9.4 (09/2022)

ACE Recommended Credits:  TBD

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  CYS Program Managers Course
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