1.Coordinator’s Role & Responsibilities

Coordinator’s Role, CYS Space Census Team Responsibilities & CYS Space Census Operating Principles

As CYS Coordinator, you are the “Mission Commander” for all the Child & Youth Services (CYS) Space Census Odyssey travelers. Different members of the CYS team have various levels of knowledge and experience in conducting their parts of the CYS space census (CDC, FCC, SA or Y or T), but it is your job to bring all elements together and make decisions based on the results.

This Lesson will explore the CYS Coordinator’s role and the CYS Space Census Team responsibilities. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the coordinator’s role in setting the stage, providing support, bringing elements together, and developing and supporting the CYS Space Census Team
  • Identify the Coordinator’s project management role in managing the Space Census project and creating buy-in.

If you have any questions as you go through the lesson, you can contact the instructor through the “Question” link at the bottom of each page.

CYS Coordinator’s Space Census Roles and Responsibilities

As CYS Coordinator, you are the “Captain Kirk” of the CYS Space Census Odyssey. The success of the CYS Space Census is directly related to the performance level and skill employed by the CYS Coordinator, who is the real “space count” measuring tape!

Your mission involves many responsibilities. To have a successful and accurate CYS Space Census, you will need to Clearly understand:

  1. The degree of assistance various team members require
  2. The roles and responsibilities of you and others on the Space Census Team
  3. The entire CYS Space Census process

Roles and Responsibilities Before, During, and After

The Coordinator’s responsibilities start before the CYS Space Census even begins, continue during the process to keep things running smoothly, and after the conclusion to apply and report the information gathered. To get an idea of what you might expect to do to ensure a successful Space Census – before, during, and after .


  • Understand Mission/Tool and find out what data collection is required for each program
  • Use on-line CYS Space Census Courses and CYS Child Space Census User Guide for information
  • Select CYS Child Space Census Team Members and assign members to conduct specific counts
  • Identify who best knows each program and can successfully understand and gather required information
  • Conduct Space Census briefings to, commanders, parents, CYS staff, proponents, etc.
  • Train team members and ensure team members understand the Ground Rules
  • Provide one-on-one training for specific counting procedures.


  • Oversee and troubleshoot count procedures ensuring timely completion of task
  • Provide examples or demonstrate if necessary
  • Facilitate Team meetings and answer questions as they arise
  • Collect and analyze worksheets and team members comments. Review Worksheets for accuracy
  • Convert worksheet data to CYS Child Space Census Roll-up
  • Compare roll-up to CYS Baseline Standards and Metrics. Evaluate Space Census outcome data


  • Take lead in development of Census Action Plans
  • Facilitate Team meetings and answer questions as they arise
  • Develop Installation Child, Youth and School Operation Plan (ICOP) including how to meet target
  • Forward installation Child/Youth Space Census Roll-Up spreadsheets to Region
  • Implement changes

Installation CYS Space Census Team

The Installation CYS Child Space Census Team is the group of people who conduct the count and work with you through the process. Pull in those people who you think can get the job done efficiently and accurately. The team members will probably be some of the same folks who will assist you with strategic planning and ultimately develop the ICOP (Installation Child & Youth Operations Plan). They will help you chart the course and succeed in your mission as you complete the CYS Space Census.

The CYS Coordinator’s Role on the Space Census Team

As CYS Coordinator, you will want to ensure you receive the appropriate information from your team. Therefore, it is your role to:

  • Form Space Census teams
  • Provide Space Census definitions
  • Share the rationale for the Census with the CYS staff
  • Ensure the CDC or FCC or SA/MST or CLEOS Space Census team has the information and materials needed to complete each Procedure accurately in a timely manner

REMEMBER!! The Space Census must be a team effort. You cannot simply hand out worksheets and expect the CYS staff to complete them without any information or understanding of the Space Census “Big Picture” implications. Be sure to use your Program Operations Specialist, who could be your right hand – your co-captain for the CYS Space Census voyage.

The next step is to allow the team to conduct the assigned space count in their program. Be available to answer questions and trouble shoot. Give your team members their task and let the count BEGIN!

Common Complaints about the CYS Space Census

Were you ever unsure of the accuracy of the Space Census results because when it was time to complete it, staff were not really on board? Have you ever heard any of your staff complain?

Realities of the CYS Space Census

Despite the complaints, it is important to know that the CYS Space Census:

  • Is a CYS PCMA tool with established directions and reporting mechanisms.
  • Is an annual requirement
  • Must produce accurate results in order to leverage appropriate funding
  • Can reveal strengths and weakness throughout the CYS programs
  • Can provide the data and documentation to justify decisions
  • Can be a lot easier to use when everyone is knowledgeable and committed and enthusiastic
  • Is ultimately the Coordinator’s responsibility

As the leader of this important (and required) project, what can you do to energize your team and make the Space Census experience a great one for everyone involved?

Creating “passionate leaders and implementers” for the CYS Space Census

Envision the Space Census as an important PROJECT for which you are the project manager. Is your annual Space Census a great success?

According to Tom Peters, we should not produce projects that are J.A.M.S. (‘just another mediocre success’). “Projects must stand out and make a difference. To get extraordinary results, organizations must produce WOW! work in every endeavor.” One framework for producing extraordinary projects is the Tom Peters Company’s WOW Projects™. It is a powerful method and tool for managing both one time and on-going projects. It allows people to exceed expectations in meeting deadlines and operate below budget with focused resources! The secret lies in establishing passionate leaders and implementers.

Steps for WOW Projects™ and Ideas for Creating Excitement and Buy-In During the Space Census

Let’s look at an explanation of each phase and some suggested ideas to apply when conducting the Space Census. Select each box to view more details. Click to close.

The four phases of The Tom Peters Company WOW! Projects™ are: Create, Sell, Implement/Execute  and Celebrate/Next.

CREATE: Any project – large or small – can be turned into one that is fantastic (“WOW!”)  We need to reframe, rethink, revise our project until it is something we are passionate & excited about. Include both tangible and intangible.

During the Space Census, possible ideas for CREATE:

  • Create a theme for each annual space census
  • Have a kick Off event
  • Have a planning meeting outdoors on the grass
  • Create “Before and After” display

SELL: selling forces clarity, focus, drive. use it to infect others with your zeal. Win support from your team, partners, stakeholders, chain of command. Get buy-in and involvement from all levels. Keep everyone involved knows and understands and supports the project. Build a community of supporters. Continue selling throughout the entire project.

During the Space Census, possible ideas for SELL:

  • SELL,SELL,SELL!!! (don’t just “brief”) to team and to partners and stakeholders
  • Jeopardy! Challenge training
  • Stump the Expert Training
  • Create a contest
  • Have team building activity before (or after) each Space Census Team Meeting

ACT: Develop prototype… Try out ideas, test, collect feedback, and just as you move through the project. Add elements of “design a beauty.” Keep asking, Is it a WOW! Project? Test it with people who have no knowledge of what your project is all about. Create and enact timelines and milestones and commit to them. Be sure the PROCESS of implementing is a “WOW” as the results. Spending time in the “Create” & “Sell” phases can smooth implementation.

During the Space Census, possible ideas for ACT:

  • Create a visual progress chart (EX: trainin traveling to each station…)
  • Use “Trading Spaces” teams – where different managers help each other complete their part
  • Incorporate a “Treasure Hunt”

CELEBRATE/NEXT: celebrate small wins/milestones as you progress to keep everyone motivated and committed. Bring project to conclusion, celebrate success, scrutinize difficulties, and record for future reference. Also recognize those teams and individuals who contributed so much to the project. Hands it off properly and think about what is next.

During the Space Census, possible ideas for Celebrate/Next:

  • Celebrate milestones and completion
  • At meetings, have team members post steps completed on progress poster
  • Have “White Elephant” grab bag for progress “rewards”
  • Build a photo album

Your “New” Team

The CYS Space Census is a mission-critical CYS initiative. As the “Project Leader” you need to help your staff implement and execute it. You need to get your Space Census Team ready to blast off and reach the moon, the stars, and beyond, turning this annual requirement into something great. Together, you can turn the CYS Space Census into a project that is meaningful, gains staff and command “buy-in,” and has everyone remarking.

What is your new team like?

  • They really understand the CYS Space Census – Its purpose and methods and potential impact.
  • They are excited and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and creative, passionate and purposeful about using this tool.

With the creative talent inherent in CYS, you should come up with WONDERFUL ideas to use.

We are very interested in your own ideas, and your fellow Space Travelers will be, too. Please share them by posting them in the Coffee Shop Bulletin Board under the CYS forum.

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