Family and MWR Budgeting Process (Online)

Course Type: Self-Paced
Course Code: sBP

Course Description:  This course is the first of two Budgeting courses.  Students will be introduced to the Budget process and how to complete the three budget inputs (AOB, CPMC, and APF/NAF 5-Year Plan) required of operating managers. Students will gain an overall knowledge of how to identify the operating areas that must be forecasted to complete the AOB, calculate the value of specific revenues and expenses. Before they move on to the application course “Entering Data into the Financial Management Budget System (FMBS) where students can see and practice how to enter their budget information into the online system. THIS COURSE IS EQUIVALENT TO “FMWR BUDGETING AND APF SUPPORT,” PREVIOUS TITLE.

Target Audience: Family and MWR Managers

Duration: 14 hours


ACE Recommended Credits: In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 2 semester hours in Budget Management.


 **NOTE** In order to obtain 2.0 Semester hours, users are required to complete this course along with the online course Entering Budget Data into Financial Management Budget System (FMBS).

In order to receive ACE Credit Recommendation and/or IACET CEUs, student must complete all course exercises, end of course survey, and obtain a 80% on post course assessment. To complete survey, go to transcript, click on course title, then see survey located on right.

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