Family and MWR Service Culture Courses

Family & MWR Team Member Orientation (classroom onsite at garrisons):

This program integrates new employees into the Family and MWR Culture at their local garrison. The orientation explores Family and MWR’s purpose, impact and commitment to service excellence, the role of new team members in the organization’s mission, and how they impact the lives of Soldiers and Families.  Army policy is that all Family and MWR staff should complete this course within the first 30-90 days on the job.  This course is delivered onsite at garrisons.

Operation Excellence (OPEX) Customer Service Training:

Operation Excellence is Family and MWR’s standardized customer service training program. Family and MWR is committed to providing service excellence to our Soldiers and Families that matches the quality of their service and sacrifice. This creates value for our customers through predictable, consistent and customer-focused service. The target audience is all Family and MWR employees in all programs and at all levels of the organization. Army policy is that all Family and MWR staff will complete annual customer service training.  There are three components of the training program:

  1. Initial Operation Excellence (OPEX) Training: This course is an essential part of on-boarding new team-members, setting the standard and foundation of success for world-class customer service delivery. Initial OPEX is offered in two modalities, either of which satisfies the year-one OPEX training requirement: (1) Online OPEX available immediately and on-demand at, or (2) Residential Classroom OPEX taught onsite at garrisons. Either the residential or online OPEX course should be completed within a new employee’s first 30-90 days of employment.
  1. Sustaining a Service Culture for Managers Workshops: These workshops, taught onsite at garrisons, support Family and MWR supervisors and managers in building and sustaining a world-class customer service culture. New workshops are designed each Fiscal Year based on a needs assessment of Family and MWR managers. The workshops satisfy the annual customer service refresher training requirement for managers.
  1. Annual Customer Service Refresher: Family and MWR provides opportunities for the workforce to refresh their skills every year in customer service delivery. A variety of smaller targeted training topics are available to meet the individual needs of learners and facilities. These smaller courses are offered in several modalities: (1) Self-Paced Online tutorials, (2) “Training-in-a-box”: meeting materials and activities for direct manager delivery to staff, and (3) Team-based small targeted workshops by Service Culture Instructors directly at the facility level. Any of these modalities satisfy the annual customer service training requirement for frontline staff. Contact your garrison’s assigned Service Culture Instructor for more information.

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