Residential Course – Student Travel Guidance

Congratulations on your selection to attend a residential course with the MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and MWR! 

Travel Order Preparation:  Please work with your garrison to complete your travel orders.  You are required to provide a copy of your travel orders to your instructor so please ensure you email, or bring a copy with you to the School.  If you do not have a travel card, please work with your garrison to obtain a travel advance if required.

Travel Voucher Preparation: Upon completion of the class, complete and process your travel voucher within 5 business days.  Please ensure you retain your travel receipts along with a copy of your airfare invoice.  Once you receive your final travel voucher settlement, please provide a copy to your instructor so your garrison can be reimbursed for your TDY expenses.

Travel Documents Include: Keyboard




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File Name (/)Type
DD1610 for Gov't Travel Cardholders (March 8, 2017) pdf (84 Kb)
DD1610 Non-Gov't Travel Cardholders requiring No Advance (March 8, 2017) pdf (85 Kb)
Sample Travel Checklist (March 8, 2017) pdf (204 Kb)
Travel Instructions Sample (March 8, 2017) msword (104 Kb)