Managing Competing Priorities

Course Type: Virtual
Course Code: vvMCP

Managing Competing Priorities: The purpose of this lesson is to offer Installation Management leaders the opportunity to determine and reflect upon effective and ineffective practices of prioritizing work for themselves and for their subordinates. This virtual workshop will provide techniques that leaders can use to create a more productive workforce and manage competing priorities that lead to a more engaged and less stressed workforce environment. This lesson supports readiness through enhancing Army Civilian’s commitment to provide good stewardship of its resources and personnel. Managing Competing Priorities aligns with the Army Leadership Requirements Model; specifically, the intellect attribute and achieves competency.

  Managing Competing Priorities
#Section #DateTime
1 (22-01) Thursday vvMCP01_211014_10 - Virtual14-Oct-202110:00 - 13:00 (CT)
2 (22-02) Wednesday vvMCP02_211208_08 - Virtual08-Dec-202108:00 - 11:00 (CT)

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