NAF Contracting Made Easy for Program Managers

Course Type: Virtual
Course Code: vPR

Course Description: In this four (4) session virtual course, learners will examine the various methods for acquiring goods and services needed to operate a non-appropriated fund (NAF) program in the most efficient, cost-effective manner and in accordance with established laws and regulations. Topics include Acquisition Planning, Statements of Work, Procurement Methods, Contract Monitoring and Close-out.

Course Details:

  • Target Audience: Family and MWR Program Managers or others whose duties include procurement for Family and MWR programs
  • Course Prerequisites: Family & MWR Orientation Course (Online), Family and MWR Basic Management Course (Online), and Operation Excellence – Online or Classroom Customer Service Training.
  • Length of Course: 10 hours total in four 2.5-hour sessions (two sessions per week). 
  • Time Requirement: 20 hours total, including approximately 2 hours of pre-work assignments, 10 hours for the live online sessions, and approximately 8 hours for research and homework assignments between sessions.
  •  Course Methodology:  This is a virtual course requiring students to communicate synchronously with instructors and fellow students using features such as audio, video, text chat, interactive whiteboard, and application sharing.
  •  Equipment: Computer with audio capability (microphone plus speakers or headphones), Army 365 Microsoft Teams account, Common-Access Card (CAC) and Internet access that is on the Army network (on the installation or via VPN). A video camera is highly recommended for the best learning experience in Microsoft Teams.
  • ACE College Credit Recommendation: In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3 semester hours in procurement management. (Aug 2020)
  • IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 1.6 (June 2022)

Please contact the course manager, Rebecca Strawn [] if you have any questions.

  NAF Contracting Made Easy for Program Managers
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Concession Checklist (December 19, 2018) pdf (44 Kb)
CPMC Checklist 01-10 (December 19, 2018) ms-excel (31 Kb)
Enclosure 1-NAF CONTRACTING RISK ASSESSMENT PROCESS v4 2016 (December 19, 2018) pdf (71 Kb)
Enclosure 2-AT OPSEC Cover Sheet IMCOM Current (V3_11Jan2018) (December 19, 2018) pdf (388 Kb)
Enclosure 5-AT OPSEC Guide - Fourth Edition (December 19, 2018) pdf (2 Mb)
Enclosure 6-AT-OPSEC Workflow (December 19, 2018) pdf (104 Kb)
Entertainment Checklist (December 19, 2018) pdf (42 Kb)
NAF SOW-PWS Template with Examples 2015 (December 19, 2018) document (72 Kb)
NCME Market Research Tool for Students (December 19, 2018) msword (30 Kb)
Service Checklist (December 19, 2018) pdf (41 Kb)