Coaching for Today

Course Type: Virtual
Course Code: vCT

The purpose of this lesson is to offer Installation Management leaders the opportunity to build coaching knowledge, skills, and abilities to assist team member to meet or exceed performance standards.  This workshop will define performance coaching and discuss coaching best practices in the frame work of Field Manual 6-22.  Leaders will practice the skills needed to determine the cause of the performance gap, select a coaching methodology that is a right fit for the individual situation, and develop a coaching plan.  These techniques help provide a more productive workforce by mitigating performance gaps before they are referred to Civilian Personnel for a Performance Improvement Plan. This lesson supports readiness through enhancing Army Civilian’s commitment to provide good stewardship of its resources and personnel. Coaching for Today aligns with the Army Leadership Requirements Model; specifically the competencies leads, develops, and achieves.

  Coaching for Today
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1 (24-01) Thursday vCT01_240509_08 - Virtual09-May-202408:00 - 10:00 (CT)

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