Managing Workplace Conflict Workshop

Course Type: Virtual
Course Code: vWC

Course Description: In this workshop students will reframe the way they think about conflict. Most people hold beliefs and assumptions about the nature of conflict and how it will be resolved. You will learn to build a mental map that will serve as your guide for making moment-to-moment choices about how to better handle conflict situations and how to manage conflict between two of your team members. There are four (4) sessions for this course: Sessions 1 and 2 introduce self-mediation or conflict between you and someone else. Sessions 3 and 4 introduce managerial mediation or conflict between two of your team members.

Course Details:

  Managing Workplace Conflict Workshop
#Section #DateTime
1 (19-2) Tue, Thu vWC2_190507_16 - Virtual07 May 2019 - 16 May 201916:00 - 18:00 (CT)

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