Great Leaders GROW, Becoming a Leader for Life

Book summary by Kim Rodrigues, Instructional Systems Designer, School for Family and MWR


Blanchard, K., & Miller, M. (2012). Great leaders GROW, Becoming a Leader for Life. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. San Francisco, CA.


Through the personal journey of Blake’s mentorship by Debbie Brewster the reader is guided through the story of Blake’s leadership development.  Through his mentee experiences applying the GROW principles, the reader is guided to discover that these pragmatic principles apply and are absolutely necessary for personal leadership development. Personal growth, or lack of it, indicates leader success or sabotage.  Without continual growth a leader ceases to be influential, knowledgeable, impactful or effective!


Blake discovers that just like exercise strengthens the body, “when confronted with new leadership challenges, you have an opportunity to GROW.”   “Remember this:  growth is always the result of challenge.  You grow your mind when it is challenged by new ideas or new problems or even new opportunities.”


To be a great leader, you must continually GROW!


Gain Knowledge

  • yourself
  • others
  • industry
  • leadership


 Reach Out to Others

  • formally
  • informally


Open Your World

  • at work
  • outside work


Walk Toward Wisdom

  • self-evaluation
  • feedback
  • counsel
  • time


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