Strengths Based Leadership

I read the following book, “Strengths Based Leadership” from Gallup Tom Rath. This book is very interesting, it talks about leading by your strengths. My (Melinda McWeeny) strengths are Harmony, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility and Positivity and surrounding yourself with other with different strength to make your group well rounded.


Harmony is looking for areas of agreement. Don’t like conflict and try to find a common ground with different views. According to the survey I took Harmony is one of my most guided values. This is true in my everyday life. I tell everyone I am a true Libra. My scale has to be balanced and if it is not it is really hard for me and I work hard to get it rebalanced. I will change the way I look at things to keep things in balance as long as it doesn’t clash with my own values.


Learner is someone that likes to learn new things. This is very true of how I am. When I don’t know something I will either go see someone else and have them show me how to do it, or have them send me an example to see so I can learn how it is done. I have had many employees tell me they like the fact that I don’t act like I know everything. I have had employees teach me how to do certain things on the ranges. Or with cooking, I have other employees show me how to cook foods in a different way. I truly like the fact I learn something new almost every day.


Achiever are people that have a constant need to achieve something. I feel that is another strength of mine. I make a list every night before I go home from work of what I need to get done for the day. If I don’t get everything on my list day for the day, it bothers me a lot. But when I get everything on my list done I feel like I am on top of the world. When I achieve a brand new task, I even feel better than I did achieving the daily task.


Responsibility is taking psychological ownership of anything you commit too. If I take on a task I will work day and night to finish it. If I don’t finish the task on time, I will have trouble living with myself until I make it up to the person I let down. This is true of me. If I don’t finish a task on time I will go see the person I didn’t fish it for everyday to see if I can do something else to make it up to them. Because of this reason, I work day and night and usually finish my task days before it is due.


Last strength is Positivity is always having a positive outlook on most everything. I am always smiling, thanking people for the work they have done. I very rarely can’t find a positive to all situations. I feel if I as a manager always have energy and is positive about situations that you as my employee will start looking at things the same way. This adds to my harmony which is my highest strength.


I know my strengths and I do use them every day but as the book says you need to surround yourself with people that have different strengths than you have to balance the business. I feel I do that. Working at the Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club, sometimes I need to be very strict and find a common ground because of it being a gun range and the safety of others comes into play, therefore I need people around me that will help me with the conflict and I feel I have people around me that balance me out.


I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it very interesting on how much I do lead with my strengths. I feel my five highest strengths harmony, learner, achiever, responsibility and positivity play a big role in how I lead and act every day. I also found it interesting that I know my weaknesses and surround myself with employees and people that help me overcome my weaknesses and make my life and workplace well rounded.


By: Melinda McWeeny( Manager Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club)

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