Blended Courses

Course Description: In this open enrollment online/blended course, students will develop a comprehensive Business Plan for their Family and MWR program/activity.  Students will consider financial planning, installation business environment, and market analysis.  To complete the course, students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in writing a business purpose, goals, objectives, actions and contingency plans; researching team credentials; and performing competitive, customer, and SWOT analysis.

Course Details:

Description:  This training provides an overview of the elements Army Sports Management. It discusses the mission, components and the organization of Army Sports Programs and events. This training is designed to convey the foundations of Army Sports programs and events. Upon successful completion of this course, Army Sports recreators, both managers and operational staff should be able to communicate the mission and vision of Army Sports programs and events.  The suite of course was developed to a well rounded set of knowledge in basic sports activity implementation. Completion of the course involves; completing the four Sports Management suites of the course comprised of History and Theory, Event Planning, Sports Tournaments and Rec Trac; passing all post course examinations with a minimum passing score of 75% and writing 3 essays, one of which must include actual planning or implementing a sports activity or event.

Completion of the Introduction to Sports Management Curriculum includes:

  1. Sports- History and Theory (online)
  2. Sports- Event Planning (online)
  3. Sports- Tournaments (online)
  4.  Sports- Rec Trac (online)


Course Details:

  • Target Audience:  All Family and MWR Team Members at all levels of the organization involved in planning sports and recreation events, including Recreation, Business, Hospitality Lodging, Child & Youth Services, ACS, and Family and MWR Support Services.
  • Hours of Pre-work: Each online module takes 6 hours to complete with an additional 6 hours required when applying for ACE Credits for a total of 30 hours
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • IACET CEUs: 2.9
  • ACE Recommended Credits: 2 semester hours in Sports Management or Leisure Studies, in the lower division baccalaureate degree category (07/2014).

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