SA or Y or T Center Space Census Ground Rules

SA or Y or T Center Space Census Ground Rules

There are nine Ground Rules based on Army Policy for the SA or Y or T Center Space Census

  • Ground Rule 1: Duty hours are from 2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Ground Rule 2: Kindergartners belong in Child Development Centers (CDC).
  • Ground Rule 3: If you have kindergartners, you have three options.
    • Self-contained classroom at 1:12 (others 1:15)
    • Multi-age Grouping with 1st & 2nd graders at 1:12 (others 1:15)
    • Small programs – multi-age grouping with all ages at 1:12
  • Ground Rule 4: Spaces intended for SA/MS/T must be used as such.
  • Ground Rule 5: Adjusted Design Capacity numbers are divided by 15 (or 12).
  • Ground Rule 6: The 1:15 ratio applies to the entire facility (unless you have kindergartners).
  • Ground Rule 7: Deduct extra spaces from self-contained rooms.
  • Ground Rule 8: The installation program metric is 50/35/15.
  • Ground Rule 9: Fill Spaces by using Compensatory Enrollment.

***Compensatory Capacity applies ONLY to CDCs and REGULARLY SCHEDULED (2:30 – 6:00) SAS AND MS children/youth***

Applying SA or Y or T Center Ground Rules: Practical Exercise

Recently, it seems like there must be a huge banner in front of your office saying “Complaint Department”. Staff, parents, command, and even your own review of the previous ICOP have brought up issues with the SA/MST program. The Ground Rules can help you respond to many issues that arise.

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