Resolving Difficult Situations

Course Type: Virtual
Course Code: vRDS

The purpose of this lesson is for IMCOM Leaders to explore conflict and its destructive as well as constructive effects on the organization.  The lesson will offer an in depth look on the root of conflict.  When the root of conflict is correctly identified, leaders have a better understanding of the true catalyst, which in turn leads to a more informed approach to conflict resolution.  Further, the lesson provides an overview of common responses to conflict.  Recognizing these responses will alert leaders to conflict more quickly, which in turns leads to faster and more effective resolution. Lastly, the lesson delivers a framework for conflict resolution.  These steps provide leaders with a practical, hands-on approach to resolving conflict within their organization.  Leaders will have the opportunity to practice the conflict resolution steps in class.  Ultimately, both the individual facilities as well as the organization at large, will benefit from skills learned and developed in this course as fewer conflicts and effective de-escalation techniques will result in more cohesive teams, increased productivity and a framework for modeling respect and inclusion.

  Resolving Difficult Situations
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