FCC Space Census Ground Rules

FCC Space Census Ground Rules

There are two Ground Rules based on Army Policy for the FCC Space Census

  • Ground Rule 1: It is Army policy that all FCC Programs are staffed according to the Staffing Template, meaning there are no more Outreach Workers and each FCC Director carries a full caseload of 25-40 homes with an Average Daily Attendance (ADA) of at least 150 children (or is part-time or has collateral duties of another position). Gone are the days where the Director directed others who monitored all the homes. There is an allowable 15% variance for both homes and number of spaces. (If you need additional information about the 15% variance, please take the FCC Space Census Course)
  • Ground Rule 2: Funding for FCC Subsidies will be centrally funded.

Applying FCC Ground Rules to Discrepancies

Applying the FCC Ground Rule #1 (Number of Homes & Number of Spaces) can be tricky. You must apply the Army metrics as specified in the Ground Rules and consider the allowable variance of 15% for homes and spaces. Then you and the Space Census team can make decisions about how to handle discrepancies.

“What options are available if an FCC Director’s actual capacity exceeds 40 homes and 173 children?”

For example; Ground Rule 1 states that a full-time FCC Director has a caseload of 25-40 homes and a system capacity of 150-240 spaces. However, Ms. Go-Getter at Fort Outstanding has 40 homes and 240 children. This is more than the 15% above 150 children, but not above the maximum number of homes. Now, with the NF pay band system, the solution is to move the FCC Director’s pay up in the pay band to compensate for the extra workload (instead of getting an extra part-time director).

Remember that only the CYS Coordinator and your DFMWR/Installation Command can approve adjustment to salary.

FCC Practical Exercise

You are at a Regional conference and have run into two other CYS Coordinators at nearby installations. You start talking about the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and how has impacted staffing your programs. You all share your current numbers of homes and children and ask your colleagues what they think. Based on the three scenarios, what would your response be?

Let’s see how well you understand the implications of the 15% variance and what actions to take for specific caseloads. click on the “Art Quiz” button below:.

[WpProQuiz 7]

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