Sports – History and Theory

Course Type: Self-Paced
Course Code: sSHIST

Course Description:  This course provides a framework for the Army recreators to examine the role of sports in the lives of Solders and family members and the direct link between sports and the readiness and well-being of America’s Army. Specifically, the course content explores the history and theory of sports with an overview of the rise of modern sports and its impact on American Society and the military; the origins and structure of Army sports today; and the five-level Army Sports Program concept. Anyone who is eligible to register in the FMWR Academy Online website is eligible for admission into this course. However, the target audience is FMWR staffs who work in adult and youth sports and recreation programs. This course section consists of 3 modules which take approximately 6 hours to complete. To receive full college ACE recommended credits, students must take Sports History and Theory plus write one, two page essays. The last module is titled “Sports Fun” which has one lesson that is a game entitled “Sports Millionaire3.” Participants enjoy the challenge of this lesson!

Course Details:

  • Target Audience:  Family and MWR staffs who work in adult and youth sports and recreation programs
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • IACET CEUs: 1.1

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