School Liaison Support Officers

Course Type: Self-Paced
Course Code: sSLO

Course Description: This course is a set of four (4) self-paced modules and one asynchronous module designed to familiarize the new School Liaison Officer with the responsibilities of the position.

Course Details:

  • Target Audience: Installation School Liaison Officers (Approval from course manager is required)
  • Hours of Pre-work/Homework: 1-2 hours
  • Duration: This course includes 5 modules:
  1. School Support Services – Experiences (self-paced)
  2. School Support Services – The Army Community (self-paced)
  3. School Support Services – The Basics (self-paced)
  4. School Support Services – The School Community (self-paced)
  5. School Liaison Officer (SLO) Completion Grade (asynchronous)

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