Situational Leadership II for Program Managers

Course Type: Blended
Course Code: bSL

Course Description: Situational Leadership II (SLII) is a model for developing individuals, over time, so they can reach their highest level of performance on a specific goal or task. It is a process for helping individuals become self-motivated and self-directed. SLII is based on the relationship between an individual’s development level on a specific goal or task and the leadership style (direction and support) the leader provides. Effective leadership lies in matching the appropriate leadership style to the individual’s development level. Students will complete the Leadership Behavioral Analysis II (LBAII) online assessment that measures participant’s leadership style as it relates to flexibility and effectiveness. In this virtual classroom, students will:

1) Discover ways to open up communication–increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development;
2) Help others develop competence and commitment;
3) Teach others how to provide their own direction and
4) Value and honor differences.

This blended learning course will include eLearning modules to complete as well as live virtual debrief sessions. Dates/times of the live virtual sessions are TBD.

Course Details:

  Situational Leadership II for Program Managers
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