Common Browser Issues

Internet Explorer Certificate Issues

There’s a known conflict in Internet Explorer security settings on government computers that may inadvertently block some government web sites (such as,, etc.) This job aid may help you fix the problem.

Please note that in addition to the certificates issues, IE browser may also have compatibility and popup blocker issues which are not addressed in this presentation.

If you’re not sure what browser you have, this web site will tell you the browser’s name and version:

Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues

Browser upgrades (either by users or by system admin) give us the benefit of new technologies but also create compatibility issues, notably for Internet Explorer users.

If you’re using a government computer and experience sudden changes in your browser’s behavior, chances are your browser has just gotten upgraded overnight without your knowledge.  The enterprise upgrade may not account for local settings, therefore some of the previous settings may have been reset. These changes may result in:

  • Missing navigation buttons (page looks blank)
  • Navigation Buttons are visible but not working
  • Page components are out of place, misaligned
  • Layers are in wrong order
  • Web frame collapses/Online Course menu is hidden.

Fortunately, users on government computers are still allowed to turn on/off the compatibility mode.

Here’s how to change compatibility mode for Internet Explorer:

If you’re not sure which browser you’re using, please click here.

Web fonts/icons are not showing

Internet Explorer on the Army network does not allow all webfonts to be downloaded on demand, only some basic web icons are available for Internet Explorer users. Therefore, some web application may not work properly due to missing icons. If this happens on a computer that you have admin rights, you may fix it by enabling font download (This setting can be found in IE > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Downloads > Font download > Enable/Disable.), otherwise, you’ll have to install a different browser (if available) or trying to access the web site on a  computer that has a compatible browser.

Parts of a web page are outside of viewable area

This is very common for users who have smaller screen size or those with large screens but prefer to display text in large size (or screen resolution is set to a lower number).  Here’s how to fix it.

Shockwave Flash Object is not enabled

Most of our online courses require Flash Object Add-On, so if your browser displays an “x” on the top left corner, here’s how to fix it.

Firefox Certificate Error:

If you’re using Firefox to access our Learning Management System for the first time, Firefox may display a warning message stating that the server certificate is unknown. Please use this job aid to add an exception for our server.

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