Program Managers’ Curriculum

The Program Managers’ Curriculum is designed to build knowledge, skills, and abilities that are applied to managing any Family and MWR program.  The Curriculum consists of five (5) virtual classroom courses and 1 blended course.  Each course is standalone and can be taken in any order and on any timeframe.

Curriculum Goal:  The Program Managers’ Curriculum provides the practical hands-on experience necessary to interpret policy, apply command guidance, and identify processes necessary to manage a Family and MWR program.

Curriculum Target Audience:  Family & MWR Program Managers (Army Community Service, Community Recreation, Business Operations, Child Youth & School Services, and Support Services Division) or personnel performing similar duties at grade NF3 through NF4 or GS 7-12 who manage a garrison level Family & MWR program.

Curriculum Enrollment Procedures: Students who are interested in completing the Program Managers Curriculum should review and complete the curriculum prerequisites, review each course in the curriculum, select one (or more) of the courses listed in the curriculum and request enrollment (see list of curriculum courses below), once all required curriculum courses have been completed, then request enrollment and complete the curriculum capstone course.

Curriculum Prerequisites: Students who wish to participate in the Program Managers Curriculum must complete the following curriculum prerequisites prior to requesting enrollment in any of the curriculum core courses:

NOTE:  Individual courses may have additional prerequisites not listed as part of the curriculum.  See for more information.

Curriculum Core Courses: Courses in the curriculum can be completed in any order.  Students should ensure they read and understand each course requirements prior to requesting enrollment.

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