Foundation Courses

The  Foundation Courses are a suite of courses designed to enable every Family and MWR team member to establish the knowledge base necessary to start them on the right path toward career success.  Each course introduces critical components of organizational operations, structure, and processes that will  help new employees value and connect to organizational goals.  All of the foundation courses should be completed before applying for residential, virtual classroom and/or blended courses.

Goal: Provide all Family and MWR team members with a baseline of knowledge that will encourage and support them on a long-term  meaningful career path in Family and MWR.

Course Completion Schedule

The following three (3) courses are required for ALL Family and MWR employees regardless of program area or grade.

  • Operation Excellence – Customer Service Training  – This course can be completed online or at your local installation in the classroom, but it must be done within the first 3 months of employment.

The following course is required for ALL Family and MWR Program Managers, Division Chiefs, and Directors at the NF3 and above or GS equivalent.

Please see IMCOM 350-1 for more information on training requirements.

*NOTE:  TMO is required for all NEW Employees who have been hired at a new duty station within the first 30-90 days of employment.  Employees who have been at their duty location longer than that are strongly encouraged to attend a TMO course.

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