IMCEA Presentations

Interactive Book Review: Disciplined Dreaming by Josh Linkner (Flash)

Disciplined Dreaming by Josh Linkner examines creativy in the workplace and what the author describes as the ‘creativy race’. This interactive book review includes a video interview with the author, highlights the key points of the book including change categories and the five step Disciplined Dreaming framework!

Writing Goals and Objectives (Flash)

Good business planning starts with developing realistic and measurable goals and objectives along with actions and contingencies which support these objectives.  In this expanded job aid, you’ll be shown the components of these concepts and practical tips to improve writing these business planning essentials.

Generations in the Workplace (Flash)

For the first time in history, four generations are simultaneously in the workforce. The following short will introduce the newest of these generations, the Millennials and discuss how to engage, communicate and mentor to maximize productivity.

The Pursuit of Satisfaction in the Workplace – Motivated Staff = a Productive Workplace  (Flash)

How do we as supervisors create an organization of engaged employees? It starts with meeting their needs.  In this session participants will review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how unmet needs adversely impact job satisfaction and motivation.  Participants will explore specific actions they can take to support a satisfied and motivated staff.

Sole-Source Justification  (Flash):

What is the difference between full and open competition and sole source when purchasing items like supplies, equipment and services we need to do our jobs?  We will explore the difference in this fun-filled white water rafting adventure!  Grab your life vests and enjoy the ride!

Statement of Work (Online Presentation):

The Statement of Work (SOW) is the heart of the procurement process when making an acquisition for your program/facility, but writing a good SOW is not easy. Watch this lessonette to see the important difference between a detailed and performance-based Statement of Work and what components to include in your SOW making this part of the procurement process a snap!

Tracking Footprints with RecTrac (Web page)

Do you want to know if you’re programming right? Have the right menu? Or have the right hours of operation for your community? Let RecTrac do the tracking for you with one touch for a set of boots or four touches for a family of four with flip flops.  The process is simple and the data helps you plan for now and the future.


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