Tracking Footprints with RecTrac

 Tracking footprints is important for program managers. It helps managers know who is coming to their facility at any given day and time.  With that knowledge, it helps them plan for now and longterm program evaluation.  A tracking tool is key for day-to-day program management, from printing attendance or participation to sales history reports.  From these reports you can assess participation trends and program popularity so you’ll know strategically which programs to fund and how to engage patrons more fully in the future. Information from the data-tracking tool can be used in longitudinal studies. By comparing sales, attendance, participation, patron retention, and social and emotional variables periodically, you can see the impact of the program over time. The tracking tool we will be talking about is RecTrac.  RecTrac is widely used in Army Family and Morlale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Programs.  In the leisure programs, RecTrac Touch Point of Sales (POS) Hot Button is an outstanding option to consider for collecting and tracking attendance and program participation.  The process is simply one touch for one person or multiple touches for additional people. There are three steps to tracking footprints with RecTrac POS:

  1. Install RecTrac on the POS designated to collect participation count. Check with local Information Technology Support for assistance.   Here’s a job aid to help you get set up, RecTrac Touch Screen SetUp.
  2. Learn how to use RecTrac POS Touch Screen to collect participation count. Click the viewlet to view the demonstration, GUESTCOUNT Demo.
  3. Print RecTrac Tran Code Activity Report to view participation count. Count on this report will be used to meet ISR-S requirement. The job aid link shows how to print/preview the report, Path to Print Tran Code Report.

What is ISR-S? 

  • Installation Status Report – Services

ISR-S Background:

So now that you have learned about your tracking tool and understand the importance of tracking footprints, there is one thing left to do; Educating your team about Tracking Footprints with RecTrac by implementing Tracking Footprints with RecTrac in your program. Email this post to yourself for action.    Email This Page Email This Page

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