Executive Development for Directors of Family and MWR

Course Type: Residential
Course Code: rExDF

Description:  Innovation combined with strong execution based on data driven efforts can improve the performance of the Directorate of Family and MWR and ultimately the garrison. The Executive Development for Directors of Family and MWR course offers a unique opportunity for Directors of Family and MWR to take the lead to shape the present and future in implementing the IMCOM 2025 and Beyond Campaign Plan and to be the touch-point for Soldiers and Families. In this course, the students will take a holistic approach to installation management as they use the Standard Garrison Organization to create strategies for integration of effort among the garrison directorates. Students will explore the macro environment (national political, social, and economic trends) and determine the impact on individual installations and Family and MWR operations. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the leaders from the Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM), and IMCOM G9 Family and MWR leaders for discussion of current issues and trends and future challenges that face Family and MWR programs. This course is required for all Directors of Family and MWR IAW (IMCOM Regulation 350-1, 6-4h). It is the capstone course for Family and MWR professionals.

Course Details: 

  • Hours of Pre-work/Homework:  14 hours of Pre-work / 10 hours of Homework
  • Duration: 80 hours (2 weeks)
  • IACET CEUs: 8.7 (10/10)
  • ACE Recommended Credits:  In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in Business Administration or Management (9/04)   (1/08) (1/11).

**NOTE**Credit cannot be received for both this course and the Marine Corps Senior Leader Course.

  Executive Development for Directors of Family and MWR
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