Crucial Conversations Happening at Your Garrison!

The talk of the town is the Coaching and Management for CYS Training Specialist course. Initially offered in 2011, the course now offers dynamic exploration into the world of crucial conversations. Based on the book, “Crucial Conversations” by Kerry Patterson, CYS trainers prepare for high-stakes situations and how to transform anger and hurt feelings into a powerful dialogue that can make or break your working relationships. Students learn how to speak persuasively, foster teamwork, build acceptance and resolve individual and group disagreements.


CYS_courseThe course focuses on the learner assisting the trainer to use the newest adult learning theories, training tips and tricks, and assessment tools for a more holistic approach to training. The Coaching and Management for CYS Training Specialist course is a resounding success according to the March 2015 class.


This course is the inspiration that Training Specialists have been wanting for a long time. The instruction on adult learning styles is clear and extremely pertinent to what we do every day. I look forward to taking these skills back and using them to help improve interactions, morale and learning for all of our learners in CYS. Thank you for this course. I am leaving feeling inspired, educated, and hopeful and ready to make a change!” states anonymous student.



Do not wait, enroll for the Coaching and Management for CYS Training Specialist course today!

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