IDP Issues & Workaround

We have identified a glitch within the update to the LMS.  This glitch affects many users IDPs and Supervisor consoles.  As a result, some users may be unable to successfully add their supervisors to their profile (supervisor will be listed on users profile but will not have visibility on their supervisor console).  Users who have incomplete IDPs, including those who have blank tabs and/or lack updates, may experience issues viewing and/or editing their IDP.  This error may also prevent supervisors from having the option to approve an IDP. If required to complete IDPs by a specific date, often for inspection purposes, we suggest using IMCOM form 8 (paper IDP).

 Thank you in advance.

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PDP-glitch-2021 (January 13, 2021) ppt (197 Kb)
workaround (January 13, 2021) jpeg (66 Kb)

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