NAF Internal Controls Virtual Course

NAF Internal Controls 4-Session Virtual Class provides program managers with the knowledge and skills to apply methods of control in everyday program management. You will examine various standards and policies to deter fraud, waste and abuse, and assess risks to protect assets. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to select and apply the appropriate techniques, tools, devices, checks, and balances to ensure “what should happen does and what should not happen does not” during day-to-day operations.

Student Testimonials:


“Finding deficiencies means you’re doing your job.” This course should be mandatory for activity managers and division chiefs. There were many times in the class where I thought “I wish I had known that” because I, like many activity managers, learned on the fly. This course gave me the tools I need to implement the five standards of internal controls, and the confidence of knowing that acknowledging deficiencies only makes an activity and MWR program stronger. The instructors challenged us, and fostered a collaborative learning environment. Thanks for the opportunity.


The course was insightful and provided me with real world experience that I can implement immediately. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional!



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