Sports – Rec Trac

Course Description: This course addresses the basic knowledge and utilization of the Army RecTrac system. The many benefits and tools that are available for Army … more

Sports – Tournaments

Course Description: This course was designed to educate Army sports personnel and provide them with the tools and process to design and implement effective sports … more

Sports – Event Planning

Course Description: This training provides a comprehensive overview of MWR Events planning not only sports events but for all Family and MWR events. It guides … more

Sports – History and Theory

Course Description:  This course provides a framework for the Army recreators to examine the role of sports in the lives of Solders and family members … more

Introduction to BOSS

Course Description: The course is designed to provide a brief overview of MWR and a more in-depth view of the BOSS Program. It discusses history, … more

School Liaison Support Officers

Course Description: This course is a set of four (4) self-paced modules and one asynchronous module designed to familiarize the new School Liaison Officer with … more

IMETS User Training

Description: This training explains how to use IMETS, a web-based software system that provides an automated Family and MWR manning document. The manning document is … more

Food Sanitation Refresher

Course Description:  This is REFRESHER course and NOT a replacement for the standard National Restaurant Association (NRA) ServSafe® course or similar course provided by your … more